WordPress: Submit site to Google Console.

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In this article we guide how to submit the website to Google Console, Sitemap submission and crawl website.

Google Console :-

We have to submit the website to Google console and need to get meta tag from Google to ensure our website are crawling by Google search engine.

  1. Open Google Web Master
  2. Add Property
  3. Enter Website URL
  4. Google provide meta tag information
  5. Open WordPress Site
  6. Install Plugin thru Add new Plugin “Install Header and Footer”
  7. Paste the copied text from Google in header input box.
  8. Save the page and back to Google console.
  9. Click the verification button to confirm the process
  10. Once the process done successfully.
  11. Find the Crawl / Fetch in the left side of the panel.
  12. Enter the URL and Click the button “Fetch and Render” to crawl the pages in Google Search engine.

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