How to test mobile speed performance ?

Test mobile speed performance :- Google Page Speed Page Speed Insights indicates whether your site page’s code reflects standard best practices. It fetches the url with a mobile user-agent and identifies issues such as large images, render-blocking JS, and lack of browser caching. The PageSpeed Score ranges from 0 to 100 points. A higher score […]

How to send email thru SendGrid in NodeJS ?

Send Email thru Sendgrid in NodejS Install NodeJS npm update Install Sendgrid Package npm install –save @sendgrid/mail const sgMail = require(‘@sendgrid/mail’); sgMail.setApiKey(‘<<SENDGRID API KEY>>’); const msg = { to: <<TO@EMAIL.COM>>, from: ‘<<FROM@EMAIL.COM>>’, subject: <<SUBJECT>>, text: html, html: <<HTML Content>>, }; sgMail.send(msg);

How to get last one hour data in MySQL ?

Last one Hour data in MySQL ? Example :- select o.code, o.customerId,, from `Order` o’; join Customer c on = o.customerId ‘; where o.orderDate >= DATE_SUB(NOW(),INTERVAL <<SYNTAX>> HOUR) order by limit 0, 2 Example :- select o.code, o.customerId,, from `Order` o’; join Customer c on = o.customerId ‘; […]

How to clone table in MySQL ?

Table Clone in MySQL Copy a existing table structure and datas into new table CREATE TABLE enquirydetail1 LIKE enquirydetail; INSERT enquirydetail1 SELECT * FROM enquiry;

How to import table from other database in MySQL

Import a record from other Database How to import a record from another database table in mysql ? Same Table Structure in Source and Destination Table INSERT INTO <TABLENAME> SELECT * FROM <DESTINATION DATABASENAME>.<TABLENAME> Transfer from Limited Fields INSERT INTO <TABLENAME> (col1, col2) SELECT (col1, col2) FROM <DESTINATION DATABASENAME>.<TABLENAME> Transfer from Limited Fields with Condition INSERT […]

How to import CSV file into Table in MySQL ?

Import CSV File into MySQL Table This below example shows you how to use the LOAD DATA INFILE statement to import CSV file into MySQL table. The LOAD DATA INFILE statement allows you to read data from a text file and import the file’s data into a database table very fast. Before importing the file, […]

Insert a row no in new column in MySQL

Add a row no. in new column Update a column with record row no in MySQL Execute the below query in Mysql to update an row no. in the specified column   My Sql Query Example  SET @pos := 0 UPDATE userinfo SET fuserid = ( SELECT @pos := @pos + 1 ) ORDER BY […]